Where To Launch Your Product


In this article I am going to discuss where you should launch your product. This will depend on the resource that you use to communicate with your prospects.

When you come to launch a product you will obviously want to target your launch to specific people who will be interested and most likely to purchase from you. If you are building a business and building relationships to targeted prospects then you will have developed a means of communicating with them.

You might communicate with them via a Facebook group, a blog, on a forum or by email. Therefore depending on where you communicate with your prospects will determine to some extent where you launch your product.

Advantages & Disadvantages

There are advantages and disadvantages to launching your product using some of the above listed communication channels.

For example, launching a product on your blog relies on people having subscribed to your blog feed and therefore receiving notification of your post or relying on your readers visiting your blog on that particular day. It is the same with a Facebook group and forum. You are depending on people visiting at the time that you launch your product.

If you launch on a forum then you have no control over where your product launch is listed and any subsequent launches will move your particular launch further down the page. However, if you are using a Facebook group or a blog you have more control over the placement of your product launch post.

So for example, you could make your launch blog post sticky so that it stays at the top so that as new people visit your site they have visibility of your product launch.

I understand that this is also possible in Facebook groups whereby you can make a particular post sticky so that it is the first post that people see when they visit your Facebook group.

If you are communicating with your target customers via email then you are able to send an email launching your product at a particular time of day or day of week when you have noticed people are available and most likely to open your email.

You are also able to send out subsequent emails concerning your product launch so that people on your list have repeated exposure to it. This is actually quite important because people often only purchase after they have been exposed to the offer a view times.


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