Why Not List With A Link Bidding Directory?


As a webmaster you know your site needs exposure. Building a great site does not mean anyone will find it. Over the years many methods have been used to bring traffic to sites. Some work extremely well, some provide limited traffic, and some have been proven worthless. Directory listings are a favorite means of advertising and promoting websites.

Web directories offer webmasters a place to list their sites. The webmaster is usually required to submit basic information related to his/her site and hope for a listing position that will gain some exposure (over time). The webmaster has little or no control over where the site is positioned. Although these directories are useful the lack of control can be frustrating. If your site ends up in the last position on the last page your exposure will be very minimal.

The growing trend of using Link Bidding Directories is taking the internet by storm. Although there is a fee – in the form of a bid – attached, these sites offer an inexpensive way to promote and advertise a site while at the same time building back links for the website listed.

The goal when bidding is to bid high enough to receive prominent placement. It is advisable to bid high enough to be placed on the home page of the link bidding directory. This will ensure visibility and maximum benefits from the listing. With bids starting at one dollar even top positions are relatively cheap.

Link bidding directories may well be the best advertising bargain available. If you are looking for an innovative way to promote your site consider using this method. It is quick, easy, and inexpensive, but more importantly, it is effective. Not only will you notice an increased (targeted) traffic flow, you will also enjoy the fact that your website’s page rank is likely to increase.

This becomes a cycle of the increase traffic leading to increased page rank which results in increased traffic. This cycle begins with a prominent listing in a link bidding directory. But it is suggested that one should investigate the link bidding directory itself before placing a bid. Obviously you want to submit your site to a directory that has a good page rank. The back links you receive will carry a lot more weight than back links from a poor ranking site.

The end result is a webmaster’s dream – increased sales. If you want to improve a site’s value consider listing with a quality link bidding directory. This seems to be the cutting edge of website advertising.


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