Writing Articles – How to Generate Fresh Ideas


If writing articles is your way of creating traffic, you know the importance of building volume. However, it is not always easy to come up with fresh ideas for articles. But there are resources you can use to help get you over this hump.

Here are some beneficial suggestions on how to increase your writing production:

  • If you are writing articles for affiliate marketing, go to the search engines and look up that term. You will find whole sites dedicated to this subject with hundreds of articles. There is no suggestion here to copy anyones work, but read through them. Not only will you learn more about affiliate marketing, they will also trigger ideas for you to write about.
  • Since you may already have written your own substantial number of articles, go back through your work. You will be surprised how an article you’ve written might contain a paragraph or two that creates a spinoff article you hadn’t previously thought about.
  • If you are into internet marketing, at some point you will probably have ordered ebooks to learn about your subject(s) in order to become an expert in your field. There are reams of material in those books to write about. You will find writing about the same subject(s), since you probably have your own niche, will have an entirely different spin than the author.
  • On the subject of internet marketing, there are many related components. This will provide you a copious amount of material to write about. For instance, you will probably learn about mlm, websites, list building, auto-responders, pay per click advertising, ClickBank, Commission Junction, and others. You will have a variety of subjects on which to write about. At the same time you will become very knowledgeable in your field.

Keep in mind if you are writing articles in volume, focus on the main points of your topic and try to make them as clear as possible to your reader. By doing so, you can keep your articles short, somewhere in the neighborhood of 350-450 words. This will generate a larger volume of articles in a shorter period of time.


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